About Section

Hey, everyone.
Thanks for stopping by to read this page!
TasteMiasma is a weird name for a collection of equally weird and unique designs.

Everything is made on order and for ALL mortal bodies.

I initially got started with Taste Miasma around January of 2021, formally launching around March of that year.

TasteMiasma isn't really made with one specific group of people in mind.

Most places kind of cement themselves in the entire "do what is most simple and mass-appealing" but that's not something I find to be the most thrilling or expressive.
Most of the themes are in a liminal space between "Goth meets DeathMetal" and "oh, it's edgy..has skulls" 

One things for sure though, the designs are NOT for everyone. 

If you ever have any questions or concerns about an order, let me know by sending me a DM on instagram @Tastemiasma.

Take care and be well!